SPX 2013

Here were things that I found particularly good and notable about the show!

  • All weekend was basically an experience in meeting people from New York that I already followed here on Tumblr, like Kat and Hazel. Everyone was super cool, as I’ve come to expect from Comix Kidz. 
  • I ended up not buying too much actual comics because I was on a special mission, which I’ll probably tell you about/show you later in the week when I’m not too scared of jinxing it.
  • Saturday night. Saturday night. Okay. So after a day of scooping up comics and drawings and chilling with comics people me and the kids I was rooming with went down to the Ignatz Awards afterparty, wherein they had a bunch of succulent fruits and spring rolls and itsy bitsy little burgers and a chocolate fountain! We met a bunch of guys from Pittsburgh who all had awesome, hilarious bum stories that I wish I remembered in greater detail.Once all the snacks were gone everyone was hammered or close to it and a bunch of kids (and a few of the attendees/exhibitors in their 30s, it must be said) went upstairs and threw a fucking rager. More than 50 people crammed in a little hotel room, swigging cheap whiskey and going hard. It was magical. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bunch of awkward comics people stinking of tequila and grinding on each other to Lil’ Wayne. When security busted us (very coolly it must be said, big thanks to the Marriott for putting up with us) he actually had to quiet everyone down again over the chorus of people politely acquiescing to his requests (enough cries of “we’ll be quiet!” and “sorry!” and “definitely!” to deafen a soldier). Comics party!
  • After that me and a couple of people semi-crashed a different party, wherein good drunken talks were had with Zack Soto and Jason, who runs Floating World in Portland. Then me and a few people had a bonding sesh in the girl’s bathroom next to the gym (girls were with us, it wasn’t totally illegitimate) and had McDonalds. Went to bed at 5 AM. One of the best nights of my life.
  • Woke up 5 hours later to attend the Tumblr meet-up. People were cool all weekend but the kids there were notably sweet and gregarious and I gave a copy of Trust to someone who might put it in the Library of Congress! Also I finally got to meet Michael in person, which was a huge deal to me since he’s not only been super supportive of this blog almost since the beginning but is in general just a really, really sweet and awesome guy. I wanted to hang out more but by the time I got over my initial wave of awkwardness there were other folks he had to talk to. Maybe next time!
  • Spent the rest of the day basically chilling at panels-there was a great one with Spike Trotman and Box Brown about utilizing crowdfunding (the words “renting a storage facility” are ones that made sense but that I had never considered and were completely terrifying) and another one about queerness’ presence in mainstream media. I didn’t learn much from that one but the panelists were very entertaining and thoughtful. There was some furor about a few cons over the years having panels with no women on them, and yet here were two with black women and gay men and trans women who weren’t placed there simply to placate irate internet denizens. Which sort of leads me to my next point:
  • SPX is a convention where nobody is going to follow you around trying to take upskirt shots with their phone and where nobody is going to grill you about how many John Porcellino comics you know. It’s a very safe, imminently welcoming environment and if you’re sick of the sexism and elitism at mainstream comics conventions I highly recommend voting with your dollars and supporting a con that not only doesn’t feature but doesn’t abide such behavior. It was honestly pretty inspiring and made me feel like this is the scene I belong in. 

Sorry for hella grammar errors and rambliness, I haven’t had breakfast yet. SPX was great and you should go if you can. Also be on the lookout for something neat from there that I don’t think anyone else has that I’ll show you in a few days. 

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