"One thing that strikes me when a deal like this is made is how less interested than ever I am in entertainment product, even when made with skill and care. I felt that way with Marvel, and I feel even more like that with Lucasfilm, as my connection to that material is a lot less whole-cloth and ingrained into my DNA. Do I really want to experience more stories about Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian, or do I sort of want to experience what I felt when I encountered those characters played by those actors in those original films? I realize there are some characters that seem to provide value through the skill-set of a lot of different creators — Batman, Sherlock Holmes — but I truly doubt that all the characters work this way. And seriously, I’d be fine never reading another Batman or Sherlock Holmes story, particularly if that option were off the table for talented creators. Then again, I’m so far removed from being the natural audience for this stuff at this point that it could be a total misread on my part."

Tom Spurgeon